By rising up the cyber crimes I want to concentrate on the cordless people (cyber criminals) who were not tied with the umbilical cord, the cord which plays a very vital role in growth of every human being, which is bound to develop in mother’s womb; I am trying to relate the womb to mother / culture /traditional bounds and a cord to our cultural roots. Illegal activity on the Net, from e-mail viruses to cyber-stalking, is increasing as the wired population grows. There are sophisticated cyber crimes like pedophilia (A sexual attraction to children), pornography, hacking, hate sites, fraud and software piracy. Criminals' use of the Net for secure communications is an emerging problem.

Given the global reach of the Net, the report emphasizes that international co-operation is also vital. This includes combined law enforcement operations, extra-territorial jurisdiction and consistent extradition of criminals.

"The myth of the Internet is that people think it is an anonymous medium, that they cannot be traced. "Even though some criminals are undoubtedly using better technologies to hide themselves, which is a serious problem for the Government and police, there is still normally a trace left that will lead back to the source.

I have always strived to unlock the rusted bolts and clogs of human mind through my paintings. They might never ever want to open. There is something more thought-provoking behind the noun idea which I call the illusion. The illusionist forms are those which you could see while thinking, sleeping, even while walking. Many times we tend to sense such forms or a drama around, and we feel like we have seen it before. Then comes the fright for those unseen things, many times non-existing. But those unseen forms or situations are really developed in human mind.

Human mind is now taking a shape of a computer, which initially was treated as machine. My works are representations of such human minds. There’re people who are unknowingly getting disconnected from the roots they belong. These people are called as ‘Netizens’. Netizens, are responsible to educate themselves about the dangers of internet. If talked about hackers, A hacker’s perspective will help you step into the minds of computer criminals so you can predict their moves and stop them before they can strike. You will become a real hacker profiler as you find out the ways in which these attackers can infiltrate your system, including stealing your identity by obtaining your IP address; gathering information through post scanning, fingerprinting, and sniffing; and attacking password files. Whether you are network administrator or recreational user of the internet, you will learn the right countermeasures to protect sensitive information and ensure that you never become a defenseless target. My work is a suggestive statement for every phenomenon occurring in the cyber world as my experience is concerned.