Dear Mumbai!

The contributions you have made and continue to make in my life makes me eternally in gratitude to you. It will always value my life.

What a city speaks to us! It is never seen through naked eyes but can be sensed and if our senses are unbolt, we could feel the hustle & bustle happening on the back of citizens; lets feel that now, when the city calls you to create your own meaning through the expression and represent it in a bodily form, body forth!

As an artist I render my canvas to travel through the stories that everyone can relate. The movements and the trends in art exist within a public space, and the market that influences their form and content cannot be ignored. Art is, of course, forever in a state of flux.

The art of the 1980s & 90s can seem like an impenetrable tangle of –isms that are alarmingly diverse and mutually contradictory. In the post-postmodern age, anything and everything goes. The new generation of artists has a penchant for venturing into territory not traditionally associated with high art, and designers, architects and filmmakers can be found at the cutting edge.

- Rachana Nagarkar